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El blog aurisecular: [...] Negra y oscura son casi quinientas páginas que se leen en un suspiro, la narración de Rosa Sanmartín es inconfundible aunque en esta novela ha aparecido la gran autora que apuntaba; el narrador en tercera persona omnisciente se une al monólogo interior de los personajes, llegando a ser la voz interna de cada uno de forma que los puntos de vista van cambiando y, aunque el protagonista es Luis, el que se va a luchar, pensando en que será una revuelta de unos días [...] El estilo de Negra y oscura es, como sus personajes, natural; Rosa Sanmartín consigue que oigamos a Dolores, A Amparo, a Ramona, a Carmen contar sus propias historias; entre todas conforman la historia de la mujer en la guerra, valiente, temerosa, heroica… (Reseña completa)



Belén Conde: [...] Con la maestría que caracteriza a la autora para relatar sucesos cotidianos y dar vida a sus protagonistas, nos va conduciendo a través de una parte de la vida de Angélica, de todo lo que hace y dice, pero también de lo que no se admite a sí misma. Diálogos divertidos y personajes tenaces enmarcan esta novela romántica, ligera y disfrutable. (reseña completa)

Carmen: Sólo Rosa Sanmartín puede conseguir que una declarada "anti novela romántica" se lea su libro en día. Con una calidad literaria indiscutible, Rosa Sanmartín hace lo que mejor sabe hacer: contar una historia realista con personajes con los que cualquiera se puede identificar. Desamor, amistad, duelo, autoboicot y nuevos comienzos, se entrelazan en una historia que no te dejará indiferente. (Reseña publicada en Amazon) 

El blog aurisecular: [...] Rosa Sanmartín pertenece a ese grupo de escritoras que apuestan por una literatura de alcance universal. Los lectores nos asomamos a una historia habitual desde un punto de vista femenino. 

[...] La autora abandona la idea de que es suficiente la razón para conocer la realidad, de que todo es explicable, y nos enseña la esencia de un mundo difícil de interpretar: el interior. Con una narración relajada, sin tensiones, Sanmartín presenta la solidaridad entre mujeres que, a pesar de ser diferentes y vivir de acuerdo a distintas alternativas, son portadoras de las mismas necesidades, ambas quieren triunfar en el trabajo y ambas se quieren plenas como mujer.  (reseña completa)



Anika between books:  The author at first places us with a Helena who has decided to leave her whole life behind and go to a small town far from her city. The reasons will be unraveled chapter by chapter going back in time, remembering everything that has made him make this difficult decision. At the same time, we will also get to know everything new that is happening in his life in that small town.

[...] Rosa Sanmartín has achieved, with her simple and careful prose, that she can feel what Helena feels. You have created a very real character, if you did not know that it is fiction, you could claim that it is a true story. The author does not indulge in drama or exaggerated scenes, her writing is so subtle that when you realize you are already part of Helena.

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Books for Marta: ... The price to pay can be very high, as Rosa Sanmartín makes clear in this book, with a heartbreaking story about life itself and the relationships that it entails [...] And it is that Rosa Sanmartín when she captures something on paper she does it with surprising strength and solidity; that, one, has no choice but to pay homage to his writing and let himself be carried away by reading the story he tells us in When Life Reaches You.

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Fazioli : As in that fantastic David Lynch film, this is a story that exudes simplicity and truth in each of its sequences, a story of disagreements, of contained feelings, of silent words, of sterile pride ... Well written, well plotted, without fanfare. A gigantic ellipsis, a great void around which the broken lives of its protagonists revolve, like a black hole from which they cannot escape, hidden and dark, but whose gravitational presence is constant throughout the novel, like a great enigma to unveil.  

But this novel is also the logbook of a story of overcoming, in which the protagonist must rediscover herself and her loved ones at a time when life knocks on her door, or perhaps finally destiny.

Highly recommended! (review posted on Amazon)

Francisco Muñoz : [...] Alone in the middle of its snows, he used to say, with the only company of the dog, who is mestizo, an "adopted chucha" (a necessary fact, the dog should have been as abandoned as she) is the typical portrait of the hero in his retirement. But like every hero, Helena must face her destiny, her nemesis, her demon. If you want to know if she will win this battle, or if she will lose it, or perhaps if, like the Greeks to whom she was attracted from her childhood, she will fold into a mitigating ataraxia; you must, of course, read it.  

... Congratulations, Rosa, a beautiful work.

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Tenebrisfeles: Reading it created an explosion of feelings in me, apart from that, it made me reflect on the way that human beings act in certain moments of life. All actions have consequences, then you have to live with them ... and sometimes things come ... but if they do it too late there is no longer any possibility of a solution.

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Mystical and literary cruise: A novel that scratches your soul and decomposes your feelings. It wasn't until well into the novel that I could regain my sanity. It touched me very deeply. Written in a way similar to a diary, where we find a broken protagonist, as is, and with her we discover how she will come out of that dark well.

A novel of overcoming. I recommend it. (Review published in Babelio)

Maria Amparo Olivares:  They say that to understand the reading of a novel you have to read it twice. That's what happened to me with the book When life catches up with you  scored by Rosa Sanmartín. The first time I read it, my first exclamation was: Oh ... !! The second time I read it was when I was able to appreciate all the essence that its pages contain.  A superbly written novel, which tells us in great detail the spirit of a tormented woman.  A novel that, every time you read, has the fascination of discovering something new and exciting (review posted on Facebook).

The aurisecular blog: The protagonist does not address the readers in the first person and yet she does speak to us. The author does not enter the novel at any time, although we can follow her trail throughout the narrative. Helena's presence tells about Rosa's soul. At least that is what I have felt when, upon reaching a devastating ending, we witness totally hopeful expectations for the protagonist. And we discover, as we continue reading, the vital optimism, the force that Rosa Sanmartín has left in her history.

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Paurdc : The action takes place between Valencia and the Pyrenees over several years. It is narrated very clearly, since, despite covering a large space of time and resorting to flashbacks, everything is understood and the thread is easily followed. It is a short novel that reads fast. A story that does not leave you indifferent.

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The Anvil of Hephaestus: His prose, beautiful and close, takes us to a story as human as it is painful [...] and whose greatest virtue lies in some imperfect and recognizable characters who, despite having spent a life together, never arrive to know each other completely.

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Pepa Morató : Is it, perhaps, the human selfishness that survives in all of us? He who thinks: and ... if things go according to what is established, what to remove and know? Let the wheel follow, let life go no matter what, at anyone's expense. Because, after all, that's what this story is about.  Of the life.  So, with capital letters.  When life catches up with you is an excellent novel. Highly recommended. I invite you to read it. Immersing yourself in its pages is moving. It leaves no one indifferent.

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Fazioli: I attend Rosa Sanmartín's new novel with the memory of this fantastic Danish series in which its protagonists will witness a traumatic event that will change their lives and rebuild them, establishing new links between them.

Also in It will seem strange to you , the lives of the protagonists will be cut short by the tragedy and it will alter the course of their lives, establishing new relationships between all of them, or rebuilding old truncated relationships.

A well-written novel, with an intensity that does not decrease, and that delves over and over again in the relationships of a couple, those of love and lack of love.  

All its characters will be fired after a big bang until the forces of attraction that unite them establish a renewed orbital balance around a new gravitational nucleus: the embryo of an uncertain but hopeful future: life (review published on Amazon ).

Mª Amparo Olivares : A few days ago I finished reading the novel You will seem strange , by Rosa Sanmartín, published by Nou Editorial. What has surprised me the most about this story, as it already happened to me in When Life Reaches You , is the masterful use it makes of words. His very particular way of narrating makes it possible for him to perfectly describe the feelings of each of the protagonists without extending himself too much (review published on Facebook).

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